The Void

Aventure 426

The Void

Creator: The Void was originally created by the user Terminus_2409.

Map Category: This map belongs to the “Adventure” category, but it also contains elements of survival and other categories.

Release date: This map was originally published by its creator the third of april of this year (2016).

Map version: The Void hasn’t been updated since it’s release more than 5 months ago, which means it is still sitting at its 1.0 version.

Minecraft version: Please note that The Void is only compatible with Minecraft 1.9.2 and if you play it with a different one you might experience game breaking bugs.

Download The Void

At just 356 KB, this is the lightest map we’ve ever added to our website and it definitely won’t take longer than a second to completely download it. To download this map all you have to do is click the following button:


Map Info

“The Void” is an epic adventure map set in space where you play as an astronaut that was left for dead after a huge disaster. The map is also set in the future, in the year 2078!

Discover plenty of interesting things while you explore the multiple space stations, but you will have to be careful of all the bad things that can happen to you out there.


This is a single-player map, so if you want to play with your friends you’ll have to check out other maps in

To install this map you just have to follow the usual procedure, which is extracting the file in the “saves” folder of your Minecraft install.

If you’re new to the modding comunity and you don’t know where to find this folder, don’t worry because it can be found through the game’s profile editor or through the “run” command of Windows’ explorer.

If you didn’t understand that either, we urge you to find a more in-depth and detailed guide.