Great fire 166: Pre-fire London

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Great fire 166

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Created by the London museum collections, the great fire maps 1666 allow players to examine the city of London and to experience the history of fire as never before. Revealing the causes of this horrible event, help fight the fire and possibly to rebuild the city of London. Maps have challenges to help players to enter more and more into history and get the experience of being part of the great fire.

In the first map shows the city of London before the great fire, it should be noted the most notable features, for example: London Bridge, the Old St. Paul’s Cathedral and the famous Pudding Lane.

It provides audio where the facts is the fire with the voice of the Wizard Keen and Stampy which will facilitate players the opportunity to explore the streets , ushering factors plays an important role in the events that develop as : gasoline, long dry summer , wooden houses , narrow streets and the way people lived . The player has to collect 12 registers for a preview of the second map due out in September 2016.

Find the tattered maps which will help you find your way around this city, you will find paintings and history books that show you how were the city of London 350 years ago.

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