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Into the skies (Parkour)

Parkour, it is a physical discipline and aims to move from one point to another in a more useful and efficient as possible, adapting to the demands of it with the help of his body.

In the present game Parkour, you closer to the skies and is an adventure very fun and extreme. The game consists in 35 levels, from extremely easy for continue, the game it provides a map that will take you on an unforgettable journey in the sky.

In the map is for any kind of player to parkour which they provide different levels which require different levels and abilities as a player.

If you need peace, will find an environment with tranquility where you can improve skills.

If you looking fun, will find fun and jumps always ready for you.

If you looking challenge, will find levels every time complex found after the map.

Don´t trust the floor 3! Part 1.   

Don’t trust the floor 3 the map indicates that its main objective is to avoid the ground by any means possible. You must find their way around the ruins and make it to the end of the first part of the trust storey 3. This is the sequel to not trust and floor 2.

Map Difficulty: Easy

Playtime: 10-25 Minutes.

If you find bug or have a question please contact us via:

Theree worlds (Tribus Mundi)

Welcome to Tribus Mundi! The player trapped in an end prison and the decay that once consumed the underworld has devoured its way into the end. As a player you think parkour represents freedom and peace?

This map is easy to install. It is compatible with any package and all you need is to drag it to a folder and start playing.

NOTE: Play on version 1.10.2 and to not install the game properly map will break . If you are sure that player or server blocks habitable NPCs Command is to set up the game for any add-in.

Tree Parkour

When you were a child, or if you still are, did you enjoy climbing trees? If you did, these maps are essential for you.

Tree Parkour is considered medium difficulty. The map indicates that the goal is to climb to the top of the tree.

The map is divided in 10 branches, each containing 3 levels with the exception for 4 branches it is having a level called the mega tree.

The Mega Tree is mostly over 100 blocks tall, providing an incredible challenge for players.

  • Clouds turn out and set the temperamental brightness for more experience.

  • The jumps of the game have been tested and are possible in parkour.

  • If you find any errors or problems please send an email to :

  • Finally fun with playing experience parkour and be in heaven.

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