Alone Survival

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Alone Survival

Creator: Alone Survival was originally created by the user CatCreamyt.

Map Category: Just like its name implies, Alone Survival is a survival map and it is also one of the most popular (and downloaded) of this category.

Release date: This map was originally published by its creator the ninth of february of this year (2016).

Map version: Even though this map was published about 8 months ago, it has been updated quite a few times and it is currently sitting at its 2.0 version.

Minecraft version: The map Alone Survival is only compatible with Minecraft 1.8.8 and if you play it with a different one you might experience game breaking bugs.

Download Alone Survival

Alone Survival

For such a complete and feature-packed map like this one, it is surprising how light the download file is. To be more specific, this map only weighs about 13 MB and you can download it through the following button:


Map Info

This is mainly a single-player, story-focused map; but you can also play it with friends if you want to.

The story of Alone Survival goes like this:

You have lived with your mother your entire life and for reasons that you can still not comprehend, you have never met your father. Although, things are about to change, because your father finally wants to meet you and he bought you plane tickets to come and see him.

But what you or your mother didn’t expect, was that the pilot suffered from a heart condition and was going to die during your flight. After hours of trying to fly that gigantic death-trap by yourself, the plane finally crashes into the ocean and you are knocked unconscious.

At first you were floating on one of the plane’s wings, but you have now found an island and it is up to you to survive long enough for the rescue teams to find you.